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This is what you do when McDonald’s gives you free burgers for a year



Remember Charles Ramsey, the hero behind the Cleveland kidnapping rescue?


McDonald’s promised Ramsey free burgers for a year after he said on TV that he’d gone to McDonald’s before rescuing the captive women and went to their aid with a half-eaten Big Mac in hand.

Ramsey said McDonald’s gave him $2,000 in gift cards. “I handed them out to every homeless person and kid I could find,” he said.

He continues to impress me.

I’m thankful for people like him

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While we’re on the subject of Halloween costumes…
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Anonymous asked:
Okay what is reverse racism and does it exist? I've seen a lot about the argument on my dash but I don't think I really understand the whole thing.






if you want a detailed explanation the google why it doesn’t but essentially it’s “racism against white people” which doesnt. there’s no institutionalized discrimination or prejudice against them and only them. that doesn’t mean you can’t be a dick to them but yea. no where near the same. and before you ask about ireland yes what they endured was horrible but they have the same power as other whites
then yeah obv include intersectionality

Oh my fucking god.

Read the definition of racism. Institutionalized racism does not cover all racism.

yeah can’t wait to read the oxford definition created by a white dude that’s completely disregarded by any race scholar
why do you still follow me you’re like some pro cap egalitarian which is a complete oxymoron anyways and you’ve literally never offered good points

Llmmaooooo his fucking blog title is “the unpopular opinion”

does he realize there’s literally a whole system dedicated to upholding his bullshit there’s nothing unpopular about it lmao